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How To Structure Your Thesis

Thesis writing can take many forms depending on the template you choose to use. Not all templates highlight the same structures of thesis papers and in one way or another; the different structures may not be in line with what most professors want their students to submit to them. However, there are specific templates that run the same contents despite the different structures they portray. They highlight every requirement of the thesis paper beginning from the cover page to the last blank page.

The following shows the full structure of a thesis paper for students seeking thesis help in UK and would want to understand how to draft their theses.

Title Page

Every complete and ready to submit thesis has a title page. It comes as a cover page with the text of the title or what most students call topic, written at the centre of the page with bolded fonts and larger size than the rest in the paper.

Copyright Page

Immediately after the cover page is the copyright page. This page states when that thesis paper was written and assure the professors that it is the original work of the student who wrote it. In some instances, the copyright states or highlights other materials that the student might have acquired permission to use their data.

Approval Page And Declaration Page

The approval page is almost the same as the declaration page. Some scholars may choose to include it while some will choose to leave it out. Here, the student is expected to tell the professor that the work he or she has submitted is fully his or her own and that there are no related materials or anyone that has presented this work before.

Abstract Page

These are fewer statements which explain in summary the contents and the details of the thesis. Students tend to make abstracts too long but it is recommended that if it must be long, let it take two paragraphs of seven lines each.

Dedication Page

Thesis paper should be in place to dedicate it to those who facilitated its success. Some students choose to put it in narration format while others choose to highlight the names of the people involved.


This page s is for those who instructed you to conduct the research and publish it. Mostly, refer to the contributors of the thesis paper like your institution, the professor and some of your sources.

Table Of Contents, List Of Tables, List Of Figures List Of Appendices And Abbreviations

Always highlight what is in your content in number or point form. All these come in their pages respectively.

Body Of Thesis

This is where the thesis is, always state the methodologies, the literature reviews, include your discussions and findings of your thesis and give a conclusion or a solution.

Bibliography And References

Never forget to credit the sources such as books that you picked out your data.


Thought not so important, always include it at the back page of your thesis.